Cell Phone Service for Travelers to India

For first-time travelers to India, India will seem like a chaotic and exotic place. However, there is easy and reliable cell phone service for travelers to India, and when you’re only a phone call away from assistance, even a foreign country such as India will make you feel a little more at home.


Airtel and Reliance are the companies that most of the travelers use as telecom services providers. You can purchase asim card at the airport after you’ve cleared customs and immigration. You’ll need to submit copies of your passport, visa, proof of a home address in your country of origin, plus a couple of photos.

There is even a service that provides you with a fully functioning cell phone upon your arrival at the airport gate, or delivered to your hotel, whichever you prefer.


And, armed with this easy and reliable to use cellphone service, you’ll be able to get more out of your visit to the country. Most sim cards cost as little as five dollars, and provide you with more calls than you usually will have time to make during your visit,

as long as all your calls remain local ones.Just keep in mind that the money you pay for the cellphone service also includes the price of the sim card, so if you buy a 300 rupee sim card, your call value would be more like 250 rupees.

simAnd, if people back home need to contact you Indian telecoms come with a very convenient policy. Even if you have run out of money to pay for calls on an Indian sim card, your sim card still receives incoming calls until the contract expiration date is reached. So, you can walk around with no money to make a phone call. And, still receive numerous calls until you’ve reached your expiration date.

Back at the hotel, you can inquire with the conciergewhich numbers will be useful to have stored on your sim card, for emergencies as well as convenience, as well as getting around. Remember, most Indians speak very good English, so communication should not be much of an issue.

And, if you happen to run out of money on your sim card, you can buy top-ups at numerous places in town.


Cellphone service has exploded in India since it first became popular during the nineties. And, by population, India actually has the second largest cellphone service in the world.

Everyone in the city has one. They are vital in negotiating the various services on offer in every major city. Deliveries, lunch orders, taxis, and reservations, everything can be done over the cellphone in the major metropolitan cities of India. And, cellphones are as vital a service to have for travelers as they are for locals.

You can make hotel and transportation reservations, or find out the opening hours of your favorite places to see while you’re in India. They can help you out when you are stranded by traffic or are trying to locate a travelling companion in India’s bustling cities.

So, to ensure you of a pleasant and trouble-free visit to India, especially for first-timers, a cellphone service should be one of your first purchases you make on your on arrival in India.

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